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About Marc
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Marc Todd is an artist who has developed a reputation for vibrant and distinctive works in the realm of Contemporary Impressionism. Born and raised in the picturesque South West of England, Marc's artistic journey took him to London, where he initially pursued a degree in fine art. However, upon graduating, he initially decided to take a different path and entered the world of advertising and brand communications as an Art Director. Throughout his career, he worked with renowned agencies such as Saatchi and Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, and J Walter Thompson, honing his creative skills and gaining valuable experience in visual communication.

In 2016, Marc returned to his roots and settled in the artistically inspiring surroundings of the Somerset Levels in the South West. It was here that he established his home and studio, immersing himself in the natural beauty and creatively stimulating energy of the surroundings.

cityscape paintings for sale by marc todd

Marc defines his style as Contemporary Impressionist painting, using colour and light, textures and marks to create dynamic and engaging artworks that are truly unique and highly distinctive.

This treatment of paint is used to create the vibrant landscape and cityscape paintings for which he is gaining an international reputation among collectors of contemporary art.


His signature painting style centres around an intuitive, modern use of colour and a subtle application of texture. Marc has developed a range of techniques to apply paint with unique tools, including sponges, paint rollers, strips of balsa wood and even the occasional Lego brick! His unique and distinctive paintings capture the fast pace of urban city life and the natural movement of rural landscapes.

marc todd artist landscape paintings for sale copy.jpg

'Light is often hinted at with many artistic renditions, but with Marc Todd, light is the main focus. His artwork inspires an amazing perspective of light moving across the painting. Light is emphasized in various seasons and times of the year to convey a specific emotion and perspective. You can always see where the light source is emanating from in Marc Todd’s pieces and they are among the most unique studies of light from the artist’s view'.

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